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Zayani Motors delivered five Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Buses. The buses delivered by Zayani werereceived byMr. Mohammed Naseer, General Director of Global Transport & Tourism who accepted the key from Rizwan Tariq, Assistant General Manager of Zayani Motors.

Global Transport & Tourism is a transportation service provider based in Bahrain. The company operates a wide range of transportation services to the public and private sectors, which include passenger transportation, student transportation, vehicle leasing and charter bus services.

This delivery was part of a deal between Zayani Motors and Global Transport & Tourism, requiring the provision of 15 Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa buses, for the exclusive use of the international airline company Gulf Air.

Zayani Motors had already delivered ten of the required buses, two months prior. This current batch of buses concludes the deal successfully, a testament of the efficiency and reliability of Zayani Motors.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa bus, now in its fourth generation,was launched in 1960. Its ease of transport, safety and comfort has made it the best-selling bus in its class for twelve consecutive years.

Mr. Rizwan Tariq commented on this occasion, expressing his delight. “Zayani Motors is proud to have successfully accomplished its end of the deal, establishing its dependable capability in automobile distribution.”

On his part, Mr. Mohammed Naseer stated, “It was a pleasure to work with Zayani Motors who completed the delivery to our total satisfaction. We look forward to more smooth business dealings such as this in the future.”