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Diamond Warranty

Diamond Warranty

The Warranty for a Lifetime!!

On 1,000,000 km(or more!)

Ensuring quality assurance at all times, Zayani Motors is the only dealership in the Kingdom of Bahrain that dares to give a lifetime warranty on all Mitsubishi vehicles purchased.

At every 6 months or 10,000km service interval, all you have to do is follow the service schedule guidelines set by Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and maintain your vehicle ONLY at our fully equipped Service centers in Ma’ameer or Arad and you will be entitled to a lifetime warranty on your Mitsubishi’s Engine & Transmission. This Lifetime Warranty is also transferable with vehicle ownership at no extra cost!

In other words Diamond Warranty assures you a safe & smooth drive and maximum life for your valuable vehicle, further guaranteeing you a good resale value.

So Easy!

With 10,000 km service or 6 months intervals