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Zayani Motors has always been committed to sustaining and training the employees to exemplify their strengths and bring out the best of their capabilities. Staying committed to their promise to improve and enhance the overall employee performance, two employees from Zayani Motors received the opportunity to attend a training session that focused on the all-new MG models. The session took place in Dubai from 6th to 10th November where Zayani Motors was represented by Mr. Hani Al-Hamad and Mr. Deepak Gopinath Pillai.

The rigorous training session lead by the MG technical trainer, Mr. Wang Weiping, was strategically laid out to train and enlighten the staff about the different models that were heighted during the course. Few of the models that were discussed were the MG GS, MG360 and more.

The workshop concentrated on the MG GS 2.0T and the MG 350 model where the engine details, transmission, electrical and data bus models, and features were discussed to enhance work capabilities. The attendees were then introduced to the VDS and the SPIS and trained on various other MG models.

The workshop focused on the car’s various features and performances topics, some of which were maneuverability, the automatic transmission of the car, the safety systems that have been installed, the mount of the body and much more.

Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors commented on the occasion of the workshop, “It is necessary for staff to gain knowledge on the cars they are working on. Such type of training courses will drastically increase work performance. I encourage all employees to actively participate in programmes such as these. Through these workshops, we hope to best provide our staff with the knowledge of the latest technologies, its functionalities and its capabilities, thus uplifting the value of the brand and Zayani Motors as a whole.”