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Zayani Motors held a special retirement party for one of its long-term staff members, Mr. Mirza Ali. The distinguished employee of Al-Zayani Group has occupied the position of Salesman for 45 years of excellent and dedicated service.

The party took place at the headquarters of Zayani Motors, attended by Mr. Khalid Al-Zayani, Honorary Chairman of Al-Zayani Investments, Mr. Nawaf Al-Zayani, Chairman of Al-Zayani Investments, and Mr. Majid Al-Zayani, Managing Director of Zayani Motors. In addition to Mr. Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors, and other employees of the company who sent Mr. Mirza off with warm wishes.

The party was an intimate affair where everyone bid farewell to a notable presence whose long service has been exemplar of commitment, all amid a warm and amiable atmosphere, marked by heartfelt speeches and followed by lunch and cake cutting.

“I admire your dedication and sincerity towards the company, and you have definitely been an integral part of the growth of Zayani Motors.  We salute you for your service in Zayani Motors.” said Mr. Khalid Al-Zayani in his speech.

Mohammed Zaki added, “We at Zayani Motors are indeed fortunate to have had the privilege of sharing Mirza’s expertise, work ethic and commitment,” He praised Mirza’s achievements and accolades, which included selling over 1000 truck in the span of 45 years, a remarkable feat. “.

For his part, Mr. Mirza expressed his sincere gratitude, thanking everyone for their support. “This is indeed a sad day for me, saying goodbye after a long service with Zayani Motors,” he said, “It was a pleasure to work with you fine people, and I have learnt many things.”