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Zayani Motors delivered a Mitsubishi 7.0t Diesel ForkliftFD70NMS to Al Fozan Building Material (FBM).The truck’s key was handed over by Mr. HerveQuatrhomme, General Manager of MCF Middle East.

Under Al Fozan Group, Al Fozan Building Material is one of the largest importers of building materials in Saudi Arabia, ranging from wood, steel, aluminium and insulation material. The company operates a retail outlet in Bahrain.

 The handover was attended by officials from both companies. From Zayani Motors, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Forklift Sales Executive, and Mr. Girish Vinayak, Commercial Sales Manager. On FBM’s side, Mr. Mohamed Numan Madi, Regional Manager, Mr. Jaber Mohammed, DCs and Supply Planning Manager, and Mr. Adel Saeed, Finance and Accounting Manager.

 The delivered vehicleis a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances.  The Mitsubishi 7.0t Diesel forkliftFD70NMS is of exceptional quality, built to uncompromising standards for high performance. With its quality components, low-maintenance design and easy service access, the truck minimises operating costs.

Mr. Mohamed Numan Madi commented on the occasion, “Acquiring the MitsubishiForklift is an asset to our operations, which rely heavily on such machinery, given the nature of our business. Zayani Motors was very reliable and efficient in its delivery.”

Mr. Girish Vinayak said, “We’re very proud to add another successful delivery to our already flourishing list. With every accomplishment, Zayani Motors further asserts its standing as a leading automobile provider in the Kingdom.”


Established in 1994, Zayani Motors has come a long successful way with its continuous progress to fulfil goals that the management envisioned and meticulously set over 20 years ago.