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With the arrival of summertime and peaking temperatures looming on the horizon, drivers face a host of issues while driving, such as harmful ultra violet rays that cause damage to the eyes and skin, vehicle over-heating, and light glare off roads and other vehicles, which affect vision and increase proneness to accidents.

All these issues can be combatted with Hüper Optik, the German technology nano-ceramic heat control window film, available at Zayani Motors, the Kingdom’s sole authorised dealer of the brand. Hüper Optik is a certified way to remain comfortable and safe during the summer, with many benefits that give it added value.

Hüper Optik nano-ceramic window film is 100% metal-free and dye-free. Its innovative German engineering makes it superior to other films, which are susceptible to de-metalizing, discoloration and fading with time and heat exposure. Widely known to be the most durable window film, it is capable of enduring the harshest environments.

Hüper Optik reduces interior temperature of vehicles and rejects solar heat from 47% to 68%. It rejects 99% of ultra violet rays that cause sunburn and other harmful skin conditions; it also rejects infra-red rays, which are primarily responsible for over-heating. This guarantees convenience and comfort, improving your driving experience, whilst also increasing fuel economy.

Harsh sunshine can fade upholstery and discolour leather and vinyl inside your car. Applying Hüper Optik to your windows protects your car interiors from cracking and warping, prolonging their durability and keeping your car looking newer for longer. Finally, windshield glare and eye fatigue from direct sunlight and bright headlights at night can be reduced with Hüper Optik.

Hüper Optik comes with manufacturer warranty of 10 years. For more information, contact Zayani Motors’ showroom on +973 17 703703 or Sanjai Thattaliath, Sales Supervisor on 39446216.