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HONGQI Bahrain Launches the All New ‘Ousado’

HONGQI Bahrain Launches the All New ‘Ousado’

Zayani Motors, the exclusive distributor of HONGQI in the Kingdom of Bahrain has officially launched Ousado, the latest model by the high-end Chinese automotive brand. The launching ceremony took place on April 2, 2023, at City Centre Bahrain, in the presence of several officials, including Mr. Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors.

Comprising a notable addition to the selection of models available to motorists in Bahrain, the Ousado is a sedan boasting an exterior that embodies modern luxury, with a streamlined silhouette that projects a strong, sophisticated aura. Created under the guiding principles of the brand’s unique “Shang Zhi Yi” design language which denotes noble aesthetics, the impressive car offers a powerful, quiet, and smooth drive.

The interior distinctly balances comfort and harmony. Amply spacious thanks to its long wheelbase measuring 2920 mm, the seats are fitted with genuine leather, the front seats being additionally ventilated and comes with a massage. The dashboard weaves like a waterfall, blending with the design of the front cabin. Passenger convenience is maintained with dual-zone automatic climate control, while acoustic technology mitigates outside noise while driving, guaranteeing a peaceful ride. Ambient multi-coloured lighting paired with the DYNAUDIO 12-speaker surround sound system provide an unparalleled immersive experience on the road. Meanwhile, the wireless charging system is compatible with various devices to ensure fast and safe charging on the go.

Offering multiple drive modes, the Ousado is powered by a high-performance aluminium 2.0 turbo-charged engine that produces 223 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque. It promises better combustion and lower fuel consumption at a rate of 6.6 litres per 100 km. Coupled with 8-speed automatic transmission, the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds.

The car’s strong steel structure achieves extreme sturdiness and body rigidity; moreover, various cutting-edge features optimise safety. Lane Departure Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Change Assist, and Blind Spot Detection are some of the standard features. Adaptive Driving Beam headlights adjust light brightness when detecting a pedestrian crossing and avoid the risk of glare from oncoming traffic, enhancing safety during night-time. The SMART Emergency call function has passengers covered in the case of accidents.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors, commented: “The Ousado is a highly sophisticated model that shows off HONGQI at its best while providing a substantial addition to the luxury automotive market in Bahrain. We anticipate its successful reception given its excellent features that guarantee satisfactory performance and safety.”