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Karting Tournament at Zayani Motors

Karting Tournament at Zayani Motors

Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealers of Mitsubishi and Peugeot in Bahrain held an exciting karting championship with their managers. The tournament saw managers participate in a fiercely competitive battle against each for the first place.

The first place was grabbed by Rizwan Tariq, Assistant General Manager

(1:19.030) and second place was taken by Samarth Dhond, Commercial Manager (1:19.259). The 3rd and 4th place were grabbed by Majid Al Zayani, Managing Director Adel Abbas, Peugeot Service Manager with 1:18.761 and 1:18.431 respectively.

“Having extra- curricular activities included into the everyday work life only boosts competition and the drive to work harder and achieve better results. This helps build enthusiasm, healthy competition, motivation and definitely the loyalty and passion for the job”, said Mr Mohammed Zaki, General Manager.

All the participants were treated to a victory celebration after the exciting tournament.