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MG Motor Bahrain Launches Special Ramadan Offers for Customers

MG Motor Bahrain Launches Special Ramadan Offers for Customers

MG Motor Bahrain – Zayani Motors, the exclusive distributor of MG Motor in the Kingdom of Bahrain, will be celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with a suite of offers that will ensure its range of SUVs and family saloons remain the best value for money motoring in the Kingdom.


For the month of Ramadan only, MG customers will be able to enjoy many special and exclusive incentives offered by MG Motor Bahrain – Zayani Motors, granting them the opportunity to benefit from exclusive advantages with every purchase, including free insurance and registration, free Huper Optik window tinting, free rustproofing, free VAT and free service for three years or 60,000 kms.


Moreover, customers can avail an exclusive free warranty for six years or 200,000 kms (whichever comes first). All MG models and prices are available on www.mg-bahrain.com, which also enables visitors to select their new MG in a simple and modern manner, book a test drive appointment, and view the most suitable financing plans for them and among other online services.


Mr. Tom Lee, Managing Director of MG Motor Middle East, said the incentives are in line with MG’s commitment to providing the best value for money motoring in the region: “As we embark on the Holy Month of Ramadan, MG Motor sees this as an opportune time to reward its existing and potential customers with tailored-by-country offers that take into consideration their needs. Despite the challenging market conditions that is affecting a lot of other auto manufactures, our customers can be rest assured that our MG distributors will have strong promotions on our MG line-up that will satisfy their needs and demands during this Holly Month of Ramadan.”


He elaborated further saying: “The new Ramadan offers also serve as testament to MG’s performance and strength, as the supply shortage issue continues to be a problem for many companies in the automotive market, leading to higher car prices and no discounts. At MG, we are building strong programmes for our customers and during this special month. With that, the brand is reinforcing its commitment to put its customers and their peace-of-mind first.”


“Ramadan is a special time of year that brings families together and where everyone enjoys the gift of giving, so it is our intention to help families enjoy both this year with a new car plus some exciting and special gifts tailored to suit each market,” Mr. Lee added.


For his part, Mr. Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors, commented: “We are delighted to sustain our annual tradition and provide our clients with valuable offers and promotions during this time of the year. The Holy Month of Ramadan is a cherished occasion to all, and we have always been keen to share the spirit of the month with our clients. Despite the unprecedented circumstances imposed by the outbreak of the pandemic and its repercussions on all aspects of life during the past two years, we ensured at Zayani Motors that we sustain our position as one of the leaders in the Kingdom’s automotive scene, and the annual Ramadan offers have been a great opportunity to demonstrate that.”


Mr. Zaki added, “This year, and as part of our solid commitment to provide only the best deals and exclusive privileges to our valued clients, we announce a bundle of irresistible free services on the MG range. This guarantees our existing and new clients the best value for their money, the highest quality and exclusivity. At Zayani Motors, this is our way to share the spirit of Ramadan with our customers.”


For more information call MG Motor Bahrain – Zayani Motors on 17 703703. Stay tuned to MG.Bahrain on Facebook, mg_bah on Instagram or MG_Bahrain on Twitter, for the latest offers and updates. Terms and conditions apply.