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Pajero – An All-Terrain Beast

Pajero – An All-Terrain Beast

Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealers of Mitsubishi in the Kingdom of Bahrain have announced a special offer of just BD9999 for the new 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero SUV.

The Pajero, an all-terrain beast can take on any challenging paths and yet, offer you a comfortable ride. Available at Zayani Motors (ZM) the bold and exquisite Pajero is among the best-selling models and a favourite in Bahrain.

The SUV sold in many countries worldwide, has earned immeasurable popularity as a sport utility vehicle. Not surprising as it boasts outstanding durability and endurance that enables it to deliver guaranteed and promising performance over all kinds of road surface.

The all-terrain beast has a comfortable and inviting interior with illuminated meters and leather- wrapped controls. These combined with the soft and luxurious leather seats will definitely convince you to keep driving, perhaps even past your destination.

The exterior of the car is dramatic and spectacular when compared to any other SUV. As luxurious and sleek the Pajero looks from the outside, the interior surprises you with ample head and legroom for up to seven occupants. In addition to spacious seating room, Pajero makers completely understands the concept of personal space, and thus provided for an interior that is versatile, with plenty of seating and storage options, which they call the “Flexible Utility Space”.

The AWC (All Wheel Control) and the ASTC (Active Stability and Traction Control) technology works to further make your drive enjoyable. AWC is an array of innovative systems delivering precise traction, power and slip control to each wheel to ensure complete driver control even during extreme conditions. The ASTC manages the forces on all wheels by controlling engine torque and braking force to each one. This allows driving enthusiasts to enjoy the full potential of the Pajero in utmost confidence. It also means that as a driver you have complete control of the vehicle even during extreme slippery road conditions, which are experienced during the wet rainy weather.

Improved safety options and features make the Pajero an attractive vehicle. Additional systems like Automatic high beam system, premium security alarm system, LED daytime running lamp, RISE body to absorb and diffuse collision and safety-designed fuel tank to prevent leakage, ensure that your ride is safe and secure.

It additionally includes a multi-tasked driving wheel as well as a top end touch-screen with a navigation system and a rear camera to assist while parking or reversing the vehicle.

So in short the Pajero is from the outside, a stylish SUV, but on the inside offers you nothing short of pure luxury,

For more information on Mitsubishi Pajero 2016, or to arrange a test drive please visit Zayani Motors showroom in Ma’ameer or Arad or call 17 703703 or 17 465533.