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The Young and Dynamic MG GS

The Young and Dynamic MG GS

First SUV from the livery of Morris Garages makes its debut in Bahrain

The MG GS is the first SUV emerging from Morris Garages and one which effortlessly carries the trendy look which combine sporty elegance with sharp, smooth body lines. This model is poised to create a sensation among young, fashion conscious people.

The cutting-edge MG GS was first unveiled as a concept car at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013. Now, three years later the result of a massive investment in the brand by MGs owner, the giant SAIC Motor group, comes to fruition. The vehicle by a top design team led by MGs Global Design Director, Anthony Williams-Kenny, oozes British design flair. MG has a rich history of daring designs that break new ground and sophisticated UK design has carried through to the family of new generation MGs. But at the same time it has stayed true to and embraced the sporting DNA of MG, an iconic brand.

A strong horizontal emphasis gives the side profile of the MG GS a distinctive, sporty style and youthful appearance. Creative design, style and charisma dominate the look of this latest MG. Unlike other SUVs in its class segment, the MG GS is powered by a 2.0L turbo engine and delivers astonishing 220 horse powers. Achieving the 0-100km/hr acceleration in 8 seconds; the GSs performance will be able to rival that of many luxury models. With an All -wheel Drive and a four differential locks systems (optional), combined with a platform dedicated specifically for SUV vehicles, this complete package represents a major asset to the end customers. Leaving the driver the ability to completely surpass a 2.5L engine performance and approach that of 3.0L. A high-precision electric power steering system ensures that you are always in control of all this power.

The MG GS has many strikingly unique features, including the headlights which have a multi-faceted “shard” structure which refract light in different colours and shape from the side, but coalesce to form the iconic MGs trademark octagon from the front. Additional features such as an intelligent Star-Stop feature cuts fuel consumption, a FSF high-tensile integrated lightweight body structure and reverse camera with dynamic guideline, all work together to offer you a vehicle that provides an exciting and exhilarating ride.

A Look Inside

Styled neatly and rather conventionally laid out, the interior includes a range of centrally mounted screens. The sweeping centre console houses a number of control buttons, which are logically positioned.

Leather sports seats, six-way adjustable driver seat and four-way for passenger seat ensures you are seated comfortably.

Storage is likely to be adequate rather than exceptional, but passenger space is very good. There is plenty of head and legroom for the driver and front-seat passenger, and the MG GS AWD LUX has a Sunroof with anti-trap The same is true in the back, where passengers are able to slide the rear seats back and forth, as well as recline the seat backs. The rear seat is 60/40 split foldable ensures there is ample space for passengers and luggage.

For more information on the MG GS, or to arrange a test drive please visit Zayani Motors showrooms in Maameer or Arad or call 17 703703 or 17 465533.