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Zayani Motors held an event to launch the new 2017 Fuso trucks on February 21st at its showroom in Sitra.

Zayani Motors, invited its customers to the launching ceremony to display and demonstrate the capabilities of the new model range of FUSO trucks.  Also in attendance was Mr. Henry Sebastian, General Manager of FUSO Daimler Commercial Vehicles, MENA region.

Fuso is one of the brands of Daimler Trucks, powered by Mercedes-Benz technology. It has been in the market for more than 80 years, present in nearly all regions around the world. It supplies light-duty to heavy-duty trucks, vans, industrial engines and buses to more than 160 markets, including the prominent high growth markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The brand is known for its quality, economic efficiency, robust and functional design and its commitment to customer service.

The exported Fuso trucks were produced in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. Located in Oragadam, near Chennai, the facility is one of only three Daimler Trucks plants that produce engines and trucks, with an annual production of 36, 000 units per year, scalable to 72, 000. The plant spans across 400 acres, with 176,00 m2 of covered plant areas; it has modern management systems, and is highly automated, with cost benefits passed down the value chain. As a subsidiary of Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles works with Mitsubishi Fuso Company for trucks and buses under the umbrella of Daimler Asia.

For his part, Mr Majid K. Al Zayani said: “Today, we mark a new milestone in a historic relationship of more than 40 years between the Al Zayani family, Zayani Motors and FUSO by launching the new line of medium to heavy duty trucks from Daimler Commercial Vehicles India”.

He added: ”Since its establishment, Zayani Motors has endeavored to provide its customers with the best products and solutions for its commercial and industrial needs. The new line of FUSO trucks is yet another milestone in our promise to you providing you our clients with the best in technology and innovation the truck industry has to offer”.

Meanwhile, Mr Sebastian said: “Today we are here to announce a major step towards taking the brand FUSO forward. The brand FUSO symbolises the dedication towards the commercial vehicle business. This is one of the iconic brands owned by Daimler. We at Daimler, have invested approximately US $1 Billion in a state of the art production facility in India at our newest truck plant, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, which is known as DICV”.

He added: “This plant produces the modern trucks for the Indian market, branded as BharatBenz. The product line up from our Indian facility is customised to the markets in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America regions and branded as FUSO. We are leveraging the FUSO brand network coverage, which we have in over 150 markets”.

The new line of Fuso trucks offers a wide range of reliable products, coming in new aerodynamic designs. They come with a sharp carving structure lines and a bolder front, the lower inclined bumper giving Fuso a stylish and attractive look. In addition, the durable trucks’ economic fuel-efficiency exemplifies the latest advancements in mechatronics.

With FUSO Trucks…Safety Always Comes First

The new trucks feature a new Fuso logo and enhanced features.  They offer additional space for passengers and extra room for transport of goods. Fuso also provides a driving position similar to a normal car, with more comfort, its interiors and parts designed for ease of use and operation. The comfortable cabin lessens fatigue and increases productivity for drivers. The steering wheel and the three adjustable seats allow the driver to run a wide range of features without having to raise his hand off the steering wheel, avoiding potential distractions. The double light LED panel in smart meters makes vital information clearer for the driver.

The new trucks are sophisticated, with high flexibility and an excellent high and economic performance. Fuso’s quality is unrivaled, the brand dedicated to superior customer service in the belief that it is the most important for clients in order to maintain, operate and use the vehicles for a longer period with high reliability.

Zayani Motors confirms that the Fuso trucks are one of the favorite trucks in the regional market due to its brilliant features, innovative technology and value for money. Mr. Majid Al Zayani is confident that the new trucks will emerge on top of the sales in the Bahraini market, assuring that the new Fuso truck will exceed client expectations thanks to its advanced performance backed by cutting-edge technology providing a great price advantages in addition to great reliability.