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Zayani Motors Trains Students from Hawar International School

Zayani Motors Trains Students from Hawar International School

As part of the organisations vision to continue improve and enhance the performance of the future generation, Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealers of Mitsubishi in the Kingdom of Bahrain, conducted an internship for students who are part of the Hawar International School Career Education and Development Programme.

The internship that began on 20th December 2015 was held over the span of one week. The students were placed in different departments across the organisation ranging from marketing, sales to administration, account as well as Human Resources. During the period of training, the interns were able to grasp firsthand the nature of the organistion, the levels of organistional structure and the various kinds of work involved within each department in attaining the companys goals.

“Zayani Motors has always been very keen in further developing the young and future faces of Bahrain. By conducting this internship, the students had the unique opportunity to experience the lively and enthusiastic atmosphere of the work life both generally as well as in Zayani Motors. It helps strengthen the students skills, shape their future better and also meet the personal qualities each student has set to meet high expectations of excellence”, said Mohammed Aqeel, Senior HR Officer of Zayani Motors.

He further added, “Our main goal of hosting such activities is to help the younger generation acquire the knowledge and skill set that will boost and motivate their capabilities and performance.”